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Green Axe Organic

What is Deffence Between Organic and Inorganic Products



–Contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen

–In simplest form when ingested

–Carbon is found in all living things

–Function:  regulate body processes

–Example:  carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins

 –Example:  water, minerals

What is Deffence Between Green Axe Organic and Other Available Market Food Products?

Ideal Food option features

Green Axe Salads  feature

Other market option feature

Crop grown with activated land by BIO Culture/ Enzymes practices

Yes/ bio enzymes made from fallen fruits, jugery, wood etc

No, only using market available  option

Self reliant organic farm dairy produces and products

Yes / 25 desi sahiwal cow and other ecological based


Certified farms and NAOP tested produces

Yes / certificates

Not mentioned

Residue free produces

Yes/evident test reports

Not mentioned

Within Hour delivery


Not all

Direct buying from farmers

Yes/ facilitate farm visits

Not mentioned

What is Organic Produces and Modern Agriculture Produces

Produce desired feature
Organic Farming produces
Modern Agricultural farming produces
FertilizerVermi Compost from Desi cow dung Chemical Fertilizers
WaterGround water (TDS<170)
Any water source
PesticidesBIO culturedangerous chemical
Growth promotersBIO enzyme made from fallen citrus fruitSynthetic chemical based
Ecological impactSupport ecologyDisturb ecology
Impact on Human HealthResidual free so no harmCarry harm full residue
Freshness and TasteRaw look pure tasteFresh look false taste
OthersGood for raw consumption and takes less heat and time to bakeCannot consume raw, take more heat and time to bake